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5 Amazing Google Tricks Everyone Must Know

The internet is a vast source of information and Google is one of the most used search engines. Google provides many features and most people don’t know about most of them. Here we provide you with 5 amazing google tricks you can make use of.

1. Google in 1998

5 Amazing Google Tricks old google in 1998

Some of the features that google used to have are still around. You can search “google in 1998” if you want to see what it looked like back then.

2. Flip a coin

5 Amazing Google Tricks flip a coin

Searcing “Flip a coin” in google gives a virtual coin from google. Click on the coin to flip and get the results.

3. Roll a dice

5 Amazing Google Tricks  roll a dice

You can search for “roll a dice” in google and roll dice in Google. You can roll up to the 20 dimension dice and get the results.

4. Do a barrel roll

5 Amazing Google Tricks do a barrel roll

Google also does a barrel roll. Just search for the keyword “Do a barrel roll” to get yourself a ride of a barrel roll from google.

5. Tic Tac Toe

5 Amazing Google Tricks  tic tac toe

Feeling bored? You can play Tic Tac Toe with google. Just search for “Tic Tac Toe” on google and play the game. You can also select difficulty levels from Easy, Medium to Impossible. Also can be played 2 players with a friend.

So, this was just a short fun blog with 5 amazing google tricks that actually exist and you might not know. Enjoy our blogs.
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