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5 ways how free apps earn money

One of the biggest questions that people ask is how do apps earn money? To most people, there is not a straight answer to this question. So, in this blog section, we’ll be learning how free apps earn money.

1. Advertisement

mobile ads fsinc how free apps earn money

Apps with advertisements are more popular than ever before. They can generate revenue by getting paid for advertisement clicks.

Ads can be displayed in various forms: video ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads. The most popular form of advertising is video ads where the advertiser pays every time the user watches a certain number of seconds or taps on a sidebar ad.

We should note that this income is not passive and users need to spend their time clicking and watching ads to make any money from them.

2. Subscription

Top subscription fantasticstory how free apps earn money

If you want to make money as a content creator, there are a few ways to go about it. One popular way is through having an app and selling subscriptions.

There are many apps that offer content to their users for free and then sell the same content as a subscription. For example, if someone wants access to all of the tutorials on Udemy, they can buy a monthly subscription and get unlimited access for that month.

3. In-app Purchase

coc how free apps earn money

In-app purchase is a type of digital content that is sold inside an application.

The in-app purchase feature was introduced by Apple in the iOS 3.0 operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This digital content can be anything like new levels, abilities, features, or other items that expand the user experience of a particular app.

The in-app purchase became a mainstream form of generating revenue for mobile apps all over the world and developers used it to generate a healthy income from their apps. It became so popular that sometimes people refer to it as “freemium” because people could download the app for free and then make an in-app purchase later on if they wanted to get more features from it.

4. Affiliate Marketing

coc how free apps earn money

Affiliate marketing is a form of revenue sharing, which is when one party receives a commission for referring customers to another.

A person who participates in affiliate marketing is called an “affiliate”. The affiliate typically generates traffic to the merchant’s website and if the visitor buys a product or service, the affiliate receives an earnings commission. The affiliate may advertise their referral links through social media or digital advertising.

The app industry has been developing quickly and generating billions of dollars as such it’s not surprising that many apps are now making money from Affiliate Marketing. With more people using apps and downloading them, there are more opportunities for developers to make money from their app by promoting other apps through advertising or by earning commissions on products sold through their apps.

5. Selling Merchandise

how free apps earn money by selling merchandise

There are many different apps that allow you to sell merchandise, but the best app is the one that is most convenient for you. Selling Merchandise is an app that allows you to sell your old clothes and buy new ones.

The app provides a person with the ability to edit their profile, upload photos of clothing they are selling, choose a category for the clothing they are selling, and create store hours.

It also gives you the option to create a post about your store and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

If you choose to make a post-it will provide you with a pre-made template or an option to customize it yourself. You can also add links in the posts that will allow people viewing them to find your store online.

Selling Merchandise is an easy way for any individual to sell their clothes and make some money off them while looking trendy at the same time!

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