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Red Bull is a global company that has been active for 26 years, producing drinks that are sold in 170+ countries to more than 16 million consumers every day. The company’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, was also the founder of Red Bull GmbH, which distributes the product.

The brand is one of the most recognized brands in the world with their logo being seen by millions every day around the world. The logo is so recognizable that it has become a trademark and has been registered to be used as a trademark in over 100 countries. Red Bull products are designed to give people energy and improve performance during physical activity or mental work.

When Red Bull started, they had stiff competition in London with a 90% failure rate in the drink sector. With the advent of social media, there are many things that can be done to promote a brand. Some of these things are more effective than others. One technique that is getting a lot of attention is the Red Bull trash can marketing.

This technique appears to be an innovative way to market the product by using garbage cans to attract people’s attention as they walk by as well as making them think about how they need to recycle their trash. In theory, this is a great way for Red Bull to market their product because it has been proven that people will pick up something from the garbage can more often than they will pick up something off the ground or out of a regular mailbox.


Red bull has unique and weird taste and they wanted to sell it at a higher rate. They started with their own Trash Can Marketing strategy. They filled every single Trash Can with empty Red Bull cans. Doing this for a time period made perception of massive demand for Red Bull and the rest is history. pg 5. Today, Red Bull is dominating its niche and brand leader in the sector.

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