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Difference between Facebook Ad campaign, Ad sets, and Ad

Understanding Facebook advertising can be a bit confusing. This guide will help you set the record straight.

A Facebook Ad campaign is different from an ad set and ad. An ad campaign is a top-level where you’ll be deciding your ad objectives, an ad set is a level where you’ll be targeting an audience & spend, and an ad is where you’ll be adding videos, images, or links and their format.

The reason Facebook has separated its ads into three buckets is so they can give you more control over how those ads are distributed.

Understanding Facebook Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads:

The campaign part is where your objective or goals are set.

Create New Campaign Facebook

Similarly, The ad set part is where you select the audience and your budget.

Facebook ad set

And finally, the ad is where you decide your creatives to use for the ad.

Ad creative option

The Facebook ad campaign will look out for your main objective or goal for your ad campaign for better results.

Maybe you want to generate leads or awareness about your product, to create a landing page or attract traffic to your website. Facebook ad campaign optimizes your goal and works accordingly. 

How are Facebook Ad campaigns, Ad Sets and Ad different?

In simple language, the Ad Campaign simply asks “WHY DO YOU WANT THIS AD?” whereas,

Ad Set asks, “WHOM TO SHOW AND HOW MUCH?”, and

The ad asks, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SHOW?”.

Simple as that. 

Difference between Facebook Ad campaign, Ad sets, and Ad

The ad campaign, Ad set, and Ads Sept. 2019 Facebook update

Are Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads different?

Boosting a post is the quick and easiest way to boost a timeline’s post choosing the targeted audience directly.

Whereas, Facebook ads are the ads run from the Facebook Ads Manager with more advanced customization features than simply boosting a post.

The main thing that a boosted post differs from Facebook Ads is that boosted post does not have all the customization options present in the Facebook Ads Manager

You enter these things for boosting a post:

  • Target Audience
  • Amount of money to spend
  • Time to boost

Similarly, You customize these things for Facebook Ads from Ads Manager:

  • Ad Placements
  • Creative control
  • Specify ad objectives
  • Advanced targeting capabilities

What to use (Boost Post or Ads Manager) ?

The answer is simple. If you want simple engagement on your posts or to want to do brand awareness, Boosting posts would be a great idea.

Similarly, if you want customized ad placement, look out for deeper and advanced targeting options with goals specified, Ads from the ads manager would be a great choice.

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