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Logo Vs Brand – Difference you Must know


We all know what a logo is. A logo is simply a visual representation of a brand. What is a brand then? In simple terms, we can say that A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that shape how customers view your company.
So, in this blog, we’ll be discussing differences you should know about Logo Vs Brand.

What exactly is a LOGO?

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So, A Logo or a brand logo is the visual representation of a company. A logo can be anything from an illustration to a symbol, but it has the same purpose – to represent a company and distinguish it from others.

We also can define it as, A logo is a unique symbol or mark used to represent an organization’s name, identity, or mission. Logos are meant to be easily recognizable and memorable.

It helps customers quickly identify a brand, product, service provider, or corporation on an international level. The main purpose of logos is to illustrate what the brand offers and what values it represents.

A logo usually presents the company’s name anywhere on its products or services. They are typically designed by the company itself as a means of self-expression, but many are also designed by outside companies in order to represent the client’s brand identity.

What is a BRAND then?

Logo Vs Brand - Difference you Must know What is a brand

A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that shape how customers view your company. A company’s brand can shape how employees work, what investors make of it, and ultimately how consumers think about its products or services.

The main goal of branding is to create a clear, compelling message that differentiates your company from competitors. It develops over time and sets up positive associations with customers.

Branding can be thought of as being made up of three parts: company culture, product quality, and customer service. A company will have to ensure that all three are on par with one another in order to create an effective brand identity.

Logo Vs Brand

Logos are a vital part of creating and maintaining a brand. Brands are what make people want to buy something, and logos are the first thing that they see. When you think of Coca-Cola®, you think of the logo. However, there is more to branding than just logos.

A logo can be anything from an image or symbol to a color scheme, or even what typeface a company uses in its marketing materials. But it’s not just about the visual side of branding: logos also represent meaning and values – especially when they incorporate fonts, colors, or images that align with those values.

Brands go beyond logos; brands are much more complicated than that because they’re about building relationships with consumers – relationships that involve understanding them on an emotional level and tailoring your marketing in the competition.

→ Can be made up of an icon, text, and/or symbol and Is a company’s Face→ Is made up of a logo, strategy, design elements
→ Represents a company or business→ Can be a person’s gut feeling/emotion towards a product, service, or organization
⁠→ Logos are designed for fast recognition → brands are designed for emotional resonance
→ It needs to convey a company’s message with as little text as possible→ It allows them to stand out from their competitors in the marketplace

Thus, Brands are more than just a Logo or a wordmark. Brands are more than just an idea – they are memories, stories, symbols, and icons with which we identify ourselves in this world.

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