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Most Searched Keywords in Nepal 2021

Keywords are the words that are usually searched in the Search Engines (let’s say Google).In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the Most Searched Keywords in Nepal 2021.

So, if you are wanting to search for something on Google, let’s say about Digital Marketing then Digital Marketing Trends or Digital Marketing in Nepal would be some keywords. So, the keyword is any query you search in search engines to search it on the internet.

Now, let’s move on to the Most Searched Keywords in Nepal.

1. Earn Money Online in Nepal

As Nepal is a country with having a huge amount of youth with no job, most people in Nepal are searching for ways to earn money online. Some of the keywords include earning money by playing games in Nepal, typing and earning in Nepal, etc. The search of the online earning-related search in Nepal exceeds 1M volume of search in google and other search engines.

Most Searched Keywords in Nepal

2. Coronavirus

Coronavirus keyword has 69.8M volume search across the world and 246K search volume in Nepal. Keywords like Coronavirus, Coronavirus update, coronavirus world, coronavirus in Nepal, are the most trending searches in the Search Engine.

Coronavirus Most Searched Keywords in Nepal

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3. OnlineKhabar

The onlineKhabar keyword is always the top trending search in Nepal. It is also the most searched phrase in all of the local and international places for Nepalese over. OnlineKhabar is one of the most popular and trusted News Portals of Nepal. It has a daily search volume of 158.26K.

Onlinekhabar Most Searched Keywords in Nepal 2021


Since many people and even a huge amount of Youth are starting to invest in share in Nepal, the word NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.) has also become the most searched keyword in the country.

The Nepal Stock Exchange, also known as NEPSE, is the sole stock exchange in Nepal. Its total market cap was approximately US$30 billion as of February 8, 2021.

Most Searched Keywords in Nepal 2021 Nepse

5. Korean Drama

This keyword is usually searched in Nepal by students who watch Korean drama. Due to the lockdown and covid-19 homestay, the “Korean Drama” keyword has ranked in the 5th position in trending keywords in Nepal.

Korean Drama in Nepal

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